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About Netbois Consulting

Netbois Consulting is specialized in web development, web design contributions, web content management system (CMS Joomla, SPIP), publishing platform (WordPress,  DotClear), production and development of tools dedicated to actors of the wood chain mainly.

Our web services can range from developing specific static pages, including web design, to more complex web-based applications, dynamic pages encoding in PHP with MySQL databases for example, using the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) web standards.
Our current projects :
- a new website for BtoB.pro;
- favicons.fr and faviconmedia.net : free online favicon generator;

Office based in France, we are also specialized in sector-based alerts and competitive intelligence for actors of the wood chain. The website bois-foret.com contains a description of all our publications, including Netbois, the french portal of resources and exchanges dedicated to all actors of the wood and forest chain.

Web Development News


Netbois.Livejournal.com : International press releases (forestry and wood).
URL : netbois.livejournal.com