The Basics of Web Development

Is it difficult to develop my own website?

A professional website for your clients and customers to visit is very important. Some people do not understand the concept of developing a website. This procedure can become very frustrating therefore encouraging some possible website developers to quit the task before it is completed. If you continue reading this article, you will find helpful hints to aid with not being frustrated with this task.

Your website should outline who are you and what products and services you offer. You need to allow customers to know why you are in business and how they can contact you. To be honest, almost anyone can create a website even if you are not a professional website developer.

What if I do not know what I am doing ?

For beginners who are not HTML practical understanding, you can use the software Website Tonight in creating your website. It is easy and fast and if you are fluent with Microsoft word, you can create a website. Many hosting websites offer Website Tonight along with hosting options. Go Daddy is a provider that can aid you in setting up y our website for less than five dollars monthly.

What pages should I include in my website ?

The most common used pages should be your Homepage, Pricing page, Contact page and About page while not forgetting your Products/Services page. You can mix these up if you like but keep in mind that you want a smooth flow when people are accessing these pages continually.

What should I place on the important pages ?

The Homepage should include information about your company as well as why you are in business and why the website has been created. You want to grab the customer’s attention with good content information about your business. Your About page should inform the readers about why you are a leader in your field of expertise. Include your background and why they will want to use your products and services.

The service page should show your customers what you are actually offering them and why your products and services are unique from your competitors. The FAQ page should show your customers what they want to know about the pricing of your products. You want the customers to feel at ease with your products and services and they should know what to expect as well. It is very important on your Contact page that your customers know how they can contact you via the website. A link on each page with your email address should be available for your customers. Add a phone number as well for your customers to call you if they need to. Make it very easy to contact you, this will aid with the customers trusting your products and services.

If you follow the steps I have included in this article, you will have your website running full steam ahead with a generating of new customers as well as more web traffic.

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